Saturday, January 9, 2010


Making art is something that I do...because I have to. It's as important to me as breathing. But when it's noticed and appreciated by others, I can't help but to get excited about it. It makes me feel so grateful that something I created, from somewhere deep in my soul and imagination, can be genuinely enjoyed by someone else. I recently sent a press release to the local paper, The Advocate, about some of the artwork my students have been creating in my art class at school. The journalist, Christy Futch, who wrote the article ended up coming out to Donaldsonville with her photographer to take some pictures of the work and get more information about what we've been doing, and another article was done about my art program. I mentioned my Etsy site to her, in case she was interested in ever doing a piece on my artwork, outside of school. She said she was coincidentally already working on a piece about local artists who use Etsy to sell their work, and that she'd love to involve me. I was thrilled, because I honestly thought it was a long shot when I mentioned it. So yesterday, I rode out to her office, had my picture taken, and will be featured in the paper sometime next week! Then, as if that weren't enough excitement for me, I checked my email this morning and found that she had ordered 3 paintings from my Etsy site! I just can't express how great that made me feel. I mean, she needs to have stories to write about, so I couldn't totally say that she was featuring me due to her true love of my artwork, you know? But she certainly did not have to make those purchases! She did it simply because she liked my work. I'm just really touched that she wanted them enough to spend her hard earned money on something of mine.
In addition to all of that excitement, I also had a email from the Red Stick Roller Derby Girls who saw my work on my Etsy site and invited me to come to the next Derby Match with my art to display at one of their vendor tables, free of charge! I think I might even make a few painting of chicks on skates!
So...needless to say, my ego has been stroked quite a bit over the last few days, and I'm feeling very happy about my art, and inspired to make MORE MORE MORE!!
Feeling thankful and appreciated. Ahhh. Good stuff. :)


nothing profound said...

Very playful and fanciful. Love the of the woman with the huge hairdo.

TJ Lubrano said...

Oh you have a lovely blog!! I really like the 'marge simpsons' illustration. Really really cool!

Keep it up and post more cool stuff ^_^!


beki said...