Thursday, March 20, 2008

Two Hours Until I'm Off For A Week!

It is 1:21 and I have two hours until I'm off for my Spring Break for a week and a day. As you may know I'm a third grade teacher in addition to being an artist. On days like these, time goes by more slowly than a snail crawling up a redwood tree! I'm sitting here watching them make their lovely Easter Crafts out of buttons, cotton, and scraps, and all I can do is jump in and join them! I've already made three collages since we started. (I'll post pictures of them later!)

Meanwhile, I'm dreaming of my time off in which I plan to make a ton of new artwork! I've been brimming with ideas lately, but have been so busy I've been unable to accomplish them! Yesterday was our field trip to the Audubon Zoo, which I will post a few pics of that, later, too. We had a blast and now my face is pink with sunburn!


irene.s said...

hi erin! thanks for read my blog! i like yours too, i'll put it in my blog links.
have fun on your brake, we all need it!
love your art, very cool style.
irene s.

Black-Eyed Suzie said...

Congratulations on your treasury and your week off - I'll be back to see your new creations!

Tanya said...

Springtime bunny love, adorable. Have fun on your break. I'm doing everything I can on my days off, so I know how hard it can be to squeeze in the things you want to the most.

sdzsmith said...

I'm right there with you. I homeschool my kids, so I'm REALLY looking forward to having a Easter Vacation off to work on my art!

Natalie -- NKP Designs said...

Mmm...I want some of those cupcakes!

Your puppy is cute and those peacocks are gorgeous!