Friday, February 22, 2008

Feeling Blue.

Do you ever feel like this?
I sometimes do. Why is it that the more you put in to some relationships, the less you receive?


rtisan said...

my heart was broken on Valentine's I have an "ex" boyfriend

island wench said...

I once read a book about givers and takers. It seems some people give and others take. I've found it to be very true (being the giver generally), so I know where you're coming from. Also the taker gets used to being on the receiving end all the time and just demands more. The trick, the author maintained, was for givers to learn to take a bit more and vice versa. Didn't work for me, though. At least not in relationships where the pattern is already established. Since one month, I've been in a relationship where so far I've been on the receiving end and am starting to feel uncomfortable ... I want to give more! I will eventually have to put in more into this relationship, for my own happiness. Yet this time, I'm working on learning to receive as well. Hopefully, there'll be a happy medium this time 'round.