Friday, February 15, 2008

Networking Addiction

So, for the past few months I've been learning a lot more about networking through sites such as ETSY, Flickr, Blogging, Stumbledupon, etc. and I am finding it to be quite addictive! It is so entertaining to be able to contact other artists and crafters and celebrate what we doo. I find the communities I'm involved in to be very helpful and equally as excited as I am. It's funny because, I haven't even gotten many sales yet from all of this, but I've discovered that I don't mind so much, because I'm still having so much fun discovering new people and ideas!

Holla if you agree!


femputer said...

I agree! It's fun just to share what we are working on and see what others are up to!

Nicole Solo said...

isn't it crazy with all the networking sites? I join them all I must say, just to make sure I'm available. Flickr is the only one I am active with though, its really fun to look around :)

Tizzalicious said...

I agree! I especially love blogging and reading blogs :) I signed up for so many things at once that I didn't even have time to explore them all yet, but I'm so into blogging!