Friday, February 1, 2008

Walking On Worms

Walking on Worms is a poem I found in an anthology called Poet Lore. The poet is Richard Behm and it is one of my favorite poems.

For warmth and lust I guess they've left
The ground to twine upon the pavement,
Ceased their ceaseless burrowing,
Their dark and subtle alchemy
Of turning rot to green, and now,
Foolish as any human lovers,
Risk all upon the throbbing moment,
Believing the moment transcends.

And even I, a careful walker,
Cannot this night keep from squishing
These earthly couplings, and so take off
My shoes and socks. For if I must be
The giant of thier deaths, I will do it
Flesh to Flesh, dancing the best I can,
Torn between the need to watch my step
And knowing a larger foot descends.

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