Thursday, April 3, 2008

Moth-er F*cker!

Last night, I fell asleep on the couch watching t.v. and didn't wake up to move to the bed until around 3:00 am. Needless to say, when I finally did retire to the bedroom I was rather groggy and still in sort of a dream-state. Upon entering my room, I promptly climbed into bed and turned out the light, ready to drift right back off to sleep.

A few minutes passed when I was startled by a strange sound. It sounded like someone digging in a plastic grocery bag. I tried to ignore it at first, since it didn't seem to bother my chihuahua, who is my guard dog. But then I heard it again, and the sound seemed to be moving to different places in the room. By this time, I was getting really scared of who or what was in my chambers!

I carefully turned on my lamp, and saw the biggest moth I've ever seen darting back and forth across the room! I got up to shew him out of the room and he started chasing me! He was literally following me everywhere I went, but he was really fast so I couldn't get a full look at him. Finally, I screamed, "Leave me the f*ck alone!" and ran downstairs. HE FOLLOWED ME DOWNSTAIRS!!!!! He then flew into the kitchen. I made a break for my bedroom and slammed the door as fast as I could, keeping the beast outside. Once I finally made it back to sleep, I could hear him beating his body against my bedroom door!! I covered my head under the blankets and finally fell asleep for the night. When I woke up this morning, there was no sign of him anywhere. But there was powder on the door from his wings where he was flying into the door to get into my room. I get chills thinking about it, still! Ugh. It was so creepy!!!

With reality like that, who needs nightmares?


Honeydew Studio said...

Agahahhah! It's Mothra!

Cicada Studio said...

Ha! Yeah, that's a bit startling. Glad you escaped!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog today!!

Hey Harriet said...

Are you serious!?! That was one psycho moth! Great story!

Hey I love the post title! :D

BlenderBach said...

Attack of the Angry Moth!!

I hope you have a moth free-day!

ThePeachTree said...

He was definitely trying to tell you something!! Probably "get me the hell out of here woman! Please!"

Glad everyone survived the night :)

sdzsmith said...

We had something similar happen, only it was a potato bug. Don't know if you are familiar with those where you are, but they don't fly and they're big (usually around 2 inches long). It was scraping between the wall and a big mailing envelope that was leaned up against it. They're too big to squash (that would just be too messy). My husband had to catch it and take it outside. We joked that we were surprised we didn't hear the door shut behind it when it came in. YUCK!

Heidi said...

hahaha the title cracked me up so had to read the post.. that is freeeeaky! i've had a giant spider in my boudoir, and a boomerang of a caterpillar in my garden (it kept coming back) and have been followed for miles by a cat who mieoowed outside the door for hours.. but THIS has got to be the beast of all beast tales! maybe your teeth are so white it thought they were lights?
ive had a moth in my eyeball before, when cycling in the dark.. powder eye! yucky :(