Sunday, April 6, 2008

Outside the studio door...

Maria and Hazel were enjoying the view outside my studio door this morning. There was an estate sale across the street, which brought along with it many strange people for the pups to observe.

Hazel wanted to come in and help me cut some art board for my newest ACEOs.
Here they are! Each one will be listed in my Etsy shop ASAP!!
Side Note: For those of you who read my previous post about the crazy moth attack, I have an update. While I was vacuuming yesterday, I found him dead in a corner of the living room. I wanted to show my boyfriend the culprit, so I placed him to the side for when my boyfriend arrived. Later that night as we were watching t.v. HE CAME BACK TO LIFE and started flying around the living room!!! My boyfriend caught him and released the beast back into the wild, where he belongs. May he have a long and happy life OUTDOORS!!!


Heather Buchanan said...


I can't believe that I have yet to rave about how fantastic it is that you play the singing saw!!!!! You're unbelievably awesome.

Your ACEOs are lovely!

Lesley-Ann said...

They are so cute! Hazel is looking so sweet!

I love your works! And the waterpaint is beautiful as well! love the dear! And what a haunting story hee hee about that moth! Hope you are doing well!


Dee's Digital Designs said...

Your puppies are too cute!!!